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Anonymous asked: It was a good joke... BTW, it´s very interesting that there´s something like phlebotomist in countries you named, we don´t have anything like that here.. The blood is taken by doctor or nurse and then sent to a lab

Occasionally the blood will just be taken by a nurse in an emergency situation (the last time I was in the emergency room a nurse took my blood and inserted all these tubes in me, she was very rough and I bruised badly, I’ve only ever had good experiences with Phlebotomists, so nice and gentle) but more often than not it will be a trained Phlebotomist doing it. Pathology clinics are everywhere here, there’s one connected to almost every GP/doctors office so there’s no need for a doctor to be taking any blood. I think Phlebotomy is great, it’s a wonderful job (if you can handle blood and needles), you don’t have to interact with people very much, it’s quite simple and the money is good. I wish I had of done this years ago instead of wasting my time with nursing.
It’s such a shame that there are no Phlebotomists where you live… Where do you live by the way?

Anonymous asked: But some personal post are amusing :D Why aren´t you allowed to handle sharp objects? And who said that?

I was with my stepdad and his business partner (his business partner also happens to be my boss and is a good family friend) and for some reason we started talking about me being expelled from school a few years ago, the reason for my expulsion had something to do with a sharp object, so jokingly he said I’m not allowed to touch anything sharp, it was just a joke but obviously kind of silly since I do clinic work as a Phlebotomist (lots and lots of needles). 

I don’t make personal posts often, so I hope nobody minds when I do, everything I have to say is pretty pointless… 

Today I was told that I am no longer allowed to handle sharp objects. 

It’s my fucking job to stick needles into people.

Also, it was suggested to me that I wear dracula fangs whilst I take blood and I think that’s a grand idea.

Gone In Sixty Seconds Press Conference, 2000

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Anonymous asked: I thought you're attracted to girls? :) - just curious!

Yeah, I am, I have always considered myself to be much more physically attracted to women but really at the end of the day I have no control over who I find attractive.

Anonymous asked: What do you like most about yourself?

I like my taste in music.

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