nothing compares to the magnitude of a wasted life

Bite Me
quod me nutrit me destruit
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Marilyn Manson Videography
Get Your Gunn (1994)
Anonymous asked: hi. i'm sorry to her that. i hope you will feel better soon. i'm just curious, what's excactly phlebotomy ? where i live no posibility to study it. how long have studied that ?

Don’t be sorry! Phlebotomy is basically just what it’s called when you extract blood from the body, it falls under pathology, so I’m studying phlebotomy, general pathology, and human anatomy. When you go to the doctor and need to get a blood test, the person who usually takes your blood is a certified phlebotomist. I think it’s only in Australia, the US, and the UK that they teach you this at college, I don’t know where you’re from but it’s not surprising if colleges or polytechnics don’t offer phlebotomy as a course of study. 
I’ve been studying in the medical field for two years, I started with nursing but I dropped that, and I’ve only been studying phlebotomy for a week, but it’s great, I really love it.
And thank you so much, I’ll be fine. :)

Garbage by Stéphane Sednaoui [x]


1/5 Marilyn Manson Music Videos

"The Beautiful People" (1996, dir. by Floria Sigismondi)

ph. andrew macpherson

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ph. mark seliger

I'm gonna use you and abuse you, I'm gonna know what's inside you.

sweet dreams (are made of this) / marilyn manson

Anonymous asked: based on keyboards, what's your favorite HIM song?

Oh damn, I love this! (You know I’m really only a fan of HIM because of the music, not the lyrics, so thanks for this question.) But I don’t know if I have one favourite, the keyboards sound great in everything - from Love Metal to Tears on Tape, pre-Janne HIM is irrelevant - I have multiple favourites; ‘The Sacrament’, ‘Beyond Redemption’, ‘In The Night-Side of Eden’, ‘Under The Rose’, ‘Killing Loneliness’, ‘Tears on Tape’ and obviously ‘Sleepwalking Past Hope’ trumps absolutely everything. That song is the epitome of perfection, the first 20 seconds and from 6.58 to 7.11… that is pure orgasm-worthy fabulousness.
I feel bad for leaving out a song from Screamworks since that album is so keyboard/synth orientated, but I kind of loathe that album as a whole and I rarely listen to it, though there’s no denying that it’s filled with some of Janne’s finest work. I don’t know… I have a real love-hate relationship with Screamworks so I’m just going to leave it at that.

I honestly love everything that comes from Janne’s magical fingers. I mean, look at them….image 
I still can’t believe he touched me with those magical fingers!